Aisoniq is dedicated to assisting brands, advertisers, and content creators in establishing emotional connections with their audience through the transformative power of music. Our expertise lies in advanced audio sentiment analysis, leveraging unique patented technology while constantly staying at the forefront of AI advancements.

The Aisoniq advantage

Our brains react to music as primal triggers, influencing mood, arousal, and emotion. Decisions, including purchasing choices, are driven by emotion. Aisoniq specializes in precise audio sentiment analysis, scrutinizing every second of any media soundtrack to offer in-depth insights into its emotional properties. With unparalleled data quality, we empower brands to make informed decisions about the soundtrack that perfectly aligns with their advertisement and brand identity.

How we achieve it

At Aisoniq, our innovation is driven by our revolutionary patented AI technology. This technology merges ultra high-resolution audio analysis with a deep neural net architecture, meticulously trained by music specialists to predict the emotional impact and energy expression of music in advertisements. Aisoniq’s cutting-edge technology has undergone millions of machine learning iterations, honed on hundreds of thousands of the most representative music compositions  from all over the World.

What we deliver

The output of the Aisoniq sentiment analysis tool is an easy-to-read emotional prediction graph coupled with visuals that allow for instant insights to determine if the music in the ad is in support of the narrative. The tool facilitates seamless comparisons between different ad versions, simplifying the selection of the candidate that will generate the intended emotional impact. Our fully automated, high-speed, and scalable process stands in stark contrast to slow and error-prone solutions that rely on human subjects for input.

Our clients

Over the years, Aisoniq has been a key partner in helping some of the world’s leading consumer brands refine the emotional profiles of the music used in their advertisements. We persist in empowering brands, creatives and agencies to optimize their creative materials with music that is uniquely suited to evoke the precise emotions that match the creative’s intent.

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