Does the music in your advert strike the perfect emotional chord?

Aisoniq provides innovative AI-powered prediction solutions that empower advertisers. Our patented technology removes the guesswork from the creative process and ensures that ads evoke the intended emotions.

Easy campaign testing

Test and compare your ads across campaigns and media channels. Fast and reliable audio analysis for any media soundtrack.

Trustworthy insights

Aisoniq’s patented audio analysis is trusted by leading consumer brands worldwide, empowering advertisers with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.

Validate emotional alignment

Intuitively designed test results make it easy to validate alignment and efficacy between copy, visuals, and music.

Connect with your audience

Ensure your ad resonates with your audience, the cornerstone of building brand loyalty and securing a solid return on investment.

Unlocking consumer choices: The power of emotion

Unleash the future of content creation with Aisoniq. Our patented technology seamlessly integrates the latest AI research with human musicology, intuitively capturing the evolving emotions in your ad’s music —second by second. Explore the visual roadmap of the emotional journey and ensure your audio aligns seamlessly with the intended narrative.

Crafting compelling, emotionally resonant content

At Aisoniq we are connecting brands and customers by decoding the emotional triggers in music. Our expertise provides invaluable insights to craft the perfect emotional impact through the soundtracks in your advertising campaign.

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